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"Nothing Personal"

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Love, Power and Persistence drives the best of Us. But Life sometimes has a change in plans for us.

For Angela Treworthy, a beautiful but bored Senators Wife, living what was once a  glamorous and fairy tale-like life has been tarnished by time. Now jaded and depressed, she's unsure of exactly what happened.

Her best friend Maddy has been there and gone through all of that. Herself  a (much older) Senators Widow though, Maddy grew up in a very different time. A time  where women had much fewer options than Angela and Other Women  do today.

So Maddy's 'solution' to Angela's 'dilemma? Maddy suggests a  'Modest Proposal.'          

Enter Gabe O'Connor, a 'modestly handsome Writer cum Bartender, who is also jaded. Except for him, by the idea that there is this thing called 'true love' out there.

Between Maddy's 'Proposal' and Angela's reluctant take, (and an unfortunate turning point with Angela's husband), both Angela and Gabe eventually find what they're looking for. Romance. Politics. Passion. Intrigue… and something quite Personal.

A Romantic Contemporary Drama that is timeless.

It's about Sex… It's about Love… It's about Politics…  It's... 'Nothing Personal.'

"Dreams, Desires and Dead Ends"


"Dreams..." is a Collection of Robin Chappell's Short Stories from a period where work was hard to get, just after the Housing Crash of 2008. He was living in a state of limbo (much like that in the Story, "The Wait." Although not as drastic...


These Stories were apparently just waiting to 'pour forth,' as he began writing and the Stories Came. The Analogy he uses is, "The Muse knocked on my (Creative) Door, and I answered. Words flowed, Writers Block became banished.

Included below, is one of his "Flash Fiction" pieces of Writing. For Your Consideration...

[flash fiction from "Dreams..."] "Some Definitions"

It's been said that Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

But I've also come to realize when someone speaks of Destiny, it's the idea that you can't do anything different, (because the results will be the same?). Fate also goes (sometimes more extremely) by this definition. "You were fated to have that happen," someone might say, as if that were the end all statement of their idea of facts that would not be able to be avoided.

But then there is also Hope... Hope might be defined with an example of someone looking in their wallet (or purse) and knowing that there is only one dollar left there; but each time hoping that by some miracle, 'This time there will be more money.'

Ah, the tenuous strings that we hand our lives on at times.

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