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Robin Chappell is a Writer who doesn't Specialize. He Writes whatever The Muse tells him to write, and this has led him to express himself in Short Stories (his first Collection of which, "Dreams, Desires, and Dead Ends" is Our First Offering); Screenplays (Seven Feature Scripts, four of which are soon to be released as--) Novels.


Robin also has a number of works of Non-Fiction as well, ranging from his first "Look Book" of his Journey from Fine Art into Architecture, as well as a book re-framing "Mental Illness" in terms of current neurological advances and Quantum Physics.

Robin wrote his first 'short story' when he was seven. Since then he has continued on to write (as above) more short stories (some of which will find the light of day) and moving on to his first 'screenplay,' which in modern terminology would be called more of a "Treatment" than a Script.

He finished his first full Screenplay in 1990, after a fifteen year long writing 'journey.' His Last Screenplay (2015) in contrast, only took two and a half weeks to finish the First Draft.


He is also currently working on his first (TV) Series (the Pilot and the "Bible" -- the detailed description of the characters and the plot for the first Season-- are under wraps and still in development).


His "umbrella" Company, "21st Century daVinci," was incorporated in 2019 as an LLC, soon to be converted into a Chapter C. This 'umbrella' covers all of his various interests going back to his teen years.


The Breadth of His Creative Life can be seen at 21stcenturydavinci.com.

You can also see his Art Work on his site faramirarts.com 

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