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Love, Power, and Persistence drive the best of Us. But Life sometimes has a change in plans for us.


For Angela Treworthy, a beautiful but bored Senator's Wife, living what was once a glamorous and fairytale-like life has been tarnished by time. Now jaded and depressed, she's unsure of exactly what happened.


Her best friend Maddy has been there and gone through all of that. Herself a (much older) Senators Widow though, Maddy grew up in a very different time. A time where women had much fewer options than Angela and Other Women do today.


So Maddy's 'solution' to Angela's 'dilemma? Maddy suggests a 'Modest Proposal.' Enter Gabe O'Connor, a 'modestly handsome Writer cum Bartender, who is also jaded. Except for him, by the idea that there is this thing called 'true love' out there.


Between Maddy's 'Proposal' and Angela's reluctant take, (and an unfortunate turning point with Angela's husband), both Angela and Gabe eventually find what they're looking for.

Romance. Politics. Passion. Intrigue... and something quite Personal.


It's about Sex... It's about Love... It's about Politics... It's... 'Nothing Personal.'

"Nothing Personal"

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