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We're Off to SEO the Wizard!

The Wonderful Wizard of Blogs!

Because it's Not Enough just to Write it. They Will not Come.

SEO. Search Optimization. That means smacking Google enough so It PAYS Attention to your Web site. Because in the real world, "Build It and they will come" doesn't really exist. (Unless you've got a massive name like Sir Richard Branson or Elon Musk. Then They'll come a runnin'! )

You spend time building and tweaking your web site. All well and good. But if you don't have the money to pay someone to do it, your website 'disappears' ion the haze of the Million Other Websites out there. That come into being each day.

And then there's this "Brand" thing. Who are You, and Who develops You. As The Who once said, "Who the F*ck are You?"

Branson and Musk have both built and had build their Brands. Then they got to that 'magic moment' when, they didn't need to any more.

But Such as I, still must do that deed. Until I don't.


And then there were "Backlinks."

And I was, "What the hell is a Backlink?" That's when Someone Important 'discovers' you (PR Work coming up in a minute!). c.f. Branson and Musk above. Or Forbes Magazine. Or... Or... I'm still working on that.

Everyone needs you to have those 'Backlinks' (Old School for 'Recognition' and 'Verification'). Otherwise, you are not a "Trusted Company" or Service. You haven't proven that you can "Deliver" (Insert Massive Number Choir of Angels here -- "AAAAAAAAHHH!"

After all, (Old School once again), It's all about The Sell. And there's a lot of thems thats woiking to Sell You these days. (Woik! Woik! Woik!) (Help! I'm Drowning Here! And I'm killing my poor Editor! Well, at least my Editor Friends. wink wink nod nod) ("Don't Put them to Sleep!" the Lords of PR tell you.)

So... A (seemingly) never ending Struggle. Until you have the Money to pay Your People to do it all for you.

Cue that Angelic Choir once again.

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