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We're (not) off to see the (WIX) Wizard!

As if I weren't drowning in To do Lists... And now for the BOT Attack!

(Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash)

In many ways, the Web can be a wonderful 'place' to find or do just about Anything. (as long as you make sure it's 'real'). You're looking at this on The Web. You most likely even found this via Social Media on The Web.

But you know what else finds this?

WEB BOTS. Virulent Malware (virus based software) designed to seek out and exploit 'faults' it the mighty fortress of Firewall-land, (which is of course, designed to prevent these 'attacks' from happening in the first place.


As you may know, I have three different Websites on The Web, as well as my many Social Media platforms. It's all a bit 'tearing my hair out' Madness as it is. Add that I have to go to each of my websites is seems every single week now, just to make sure Everything's All Right.

Part of this is because I have to keep all of my websites "Relevant" (constantly refreshed with New Content! (That part is bad enough for the ADD/ADHD mind to take care of.)

But now, I have to worry about Bots and Piracy.

These Website Attacks aren't for just 'dropping by and saying hello.' They're for what is called "data scrapping." Taking the emails and passwords of my sites and spreading them on The Dark Web (the 'Web below the Web' so to speak) where nefarious sorts are lying in wait to pay top dollar for that Info.

It's hard enough keeping up with my "Web Presence" as it is. And it's also hard to keep up with the payments on the Web Protection that I should be having, being in the 'Wild and Wholly West' that is the Net.


In many ways, we live in a wonderful world in the 21st Century. We're in an Age of Magic compared to the past with all of the various technologies that are here now, and are also in development.

Self Driving Cars, Flying Cars (well, for the extreme Rich for now), and soon, wrist 'smartphones' and 'tablets' that are only a feather in weight will revolutionize the way we live our lives Digitally (and otherwise).

But there's also a Dark Side to this tech development. Bots and Email Attacks are part of that. The looming presence of Artificial Intelligence is another one. If AI only led to Wonders and a life of more relative ease, that would negate the Dark side. But AI Bots that are seeking out profit without safeguards...

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