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To Be or Not To Be...

That is the Selection.

No matter how much one tries to Make Things Happen... Sometimes it's a building process that can be slow and agonizing. And as I've said before--

Writing is the Easy Part. Marketing?

I've written a lot more than I've published. A Lot More.

For me, it's always been a problem to do the organization. And yes, I know that this is part of the hole multi-creative thing, where I can only do so much at a time. Organizational Work has always been the hardest for me.

Yes, I've had Friends of mine work to encourage me. "At least you finally got it published," One of them reminds me constantly.

Yes. I got the First Book Published. Getting it to Sell? That's the point where I am now. I've sent out my First Press Release. Now I need to send out additional Press releases.

For me, my Collection is what in the Marketing Industry calls a "loss leader." The first Book of an Unknown Author -- especially a Collection of Short Stories. According to 'traditional publishing wisdom,' It's not going to sell. Except over the Long Run.

Once I have Released several more Books (and done the requisite PR for them [More Money Spent! Oh, boy!], I can 'expect' a Following to begin. That will make my future Books more 'buyable' and create the desired Long Term Affect. Sales!

But until then...

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